“Packaged Consciousness” Manufactured by Media: Critical Discourse Analysis of April 22nd 2019 Turkish Newspapers’ Headlines for the Funeral Incident

In the 21st of April 2019; a significant event occurred which unfolds a comprehensive understanding about the political climate in Turkey. The assault on the opposition leader of Turkey in a martyr funeral was the ventual outcome of a vast set of political scheme exists because of the ongoing social conflict in the country. This study consisted of an analysis of the front page articles published about the study on 24 newspapers of the 22nd of April in the terms of Herbert Schiller’s theory of the packaged consciousness produced and marketed by vast media entities. According to the study’s results; Turkish newspapers create an illusion of the incident and present a partial idea about what truly happened. This permanent situation as perceived in this articular case- acts like a social conflict and lead people to think partially about contemporary issues.


Neda ÜÇER, Sunguralp ŞOLPAN


Global Media Journal TR Edition 2019 Güz 


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